Why don't people listen to the radio anymore?

People have become very conceded lately it like the only thing they do is smoke and drink...yeah thats smart.I know ipods and mp3 and cell phones are cool but what happend to the good old radio?I listen to the radio every night before I go to sleep but its like nobody else does and the radio is really going down hill.I mean what am I going to do if I can't have my dream job???It's not just about me either there are lots of people on the radio and if they lose thier jobs it will just make things more difficult for everyone because then we will just have more unemployment.Plus another good thing about the radio is being able to call in and talk with the DJ isn't that fun anymore?I think it is They are always such awesome people.I want to run my own talk show someday and on the radio...That will be difficult if there is no radio,PLEASE listen once in a while,even if its just in the car.