What is the obsession with rap music?

I don't mind rap its not all bad but what is the obsession lately?Its not that great and rock is the master of music.I listen to some rap and i admit its ok when you can understand what they say or if they don't swear in every other sentence.I'm a little old fashion I enjoy the music with the guitar solos and real themes.Now i am a metal and rock girl but that doesn't mean I hate rap or the people who like it I just hate the way the world is heading if rap is dominant in the music world.WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO ROCK?I really am worried I was raised with music from the 80's you know ac/dc,aerosmith,judas priest,and well the many others.Well I guess I can't do much but come on whats wrong with kickin back to the classics every now and then.By the way if you have never listned to any rock,give it a shot you may just like it.