Swearing in public places...BIG DEAL

Do people really think its sooo terrible to swear in public?WHY?Ok i understand that its not always appropriate but why is it a big deal,church is definatly not the right place and niether is a pre-school or elementery school but the truth is younger kids are going to be exposed to things probably much worse.Oh yeah and all of a sudden if you say a word that somebody else doesn't find "appropiate" you are considerd trash.What is that about?I know that some people may get offended by bad language but get over it already...I am even guilty of swearing in public but you know some people take it too far.However I don't think it will do any good to yell at them and does it really make you any better to go over and complain about them...So here is my tip,ignore them because if you make big deal they may just find swearing in public places an easy way to get attention.And if your the one swearing please for your own sake keep it in moderation otherwise you may run into someone who could knock you out.