What is wrong with people?

Everyone in the world has completely lost thier mind.Ok maybe not everyone but the truth is people have been losing thier minds ever since the economy has gone out of wack.Yeah I get it things are rough with all the crap that the world has thrown at you but chill the he** out.Do you realize there is at least 10 stabbing every day around the small towns and areas of New York.No not the big New York city but the small areas, I don't have any exact percentages but I don't need any to tell you that there is something very wrong.I don't understand,how does hurting or killing somebody else help you?Do you really think that making another family suffer is going to make your life easier?Maybe its just the rush or something or maybe people think its easier to just go to jail and not have any money problems but the more people who go to jail the worse the economy is going to be for us tax payers.PLEASE people think before you act don't go commit a crime just to make your life easier because it affects everybody.